Power plants, smelters, incinerators, cement plants and oil refineries, only to mention a few, are industrial installations all equipped with chimneys or "flue-gas stacks" designed and built in order to disperse in the atmosphere the flue-gases resulting from the combustion of coal, oil, natural gas or even biomass. Those reinforced concrete structures (over 400 metres high, for the tallest ones) represent important technical challenges when it comes to maintenance and structural repairs.

Corrosion protection: SikaTop Armatec-110 EpoCem, Sika FerroGard, SikaCor
Protection of steel reinforcement and steel coatings for corrosion protection

Sika offers insulating and protective coatings, all using active corrosion inhibitors, to protect the clean and exposed steel prior to concrete replacement on chimneys. Similarly, within the shutdown periods for major refurbishment operations, Sika anticorrosion coatings may also be applied on to the associated structural steelwork and ancillary equipment (steel/galvanized steel and/or aluminum walkways, railings, metal work, etc.) in and around the structure.

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Replacing, and restoring damaged concrete with mortars and concretes: Sika MonoTop, SikaCrete SCC, Sika ViscoCrete, SikaRapid, Sikadur, Sikagard EpoCem
Replacing and restoring damaged concrete

A complete range of specialty repair concretes and mortars designed for restoring or replacing the original profile and function of the damaged concrete is available from Sika. These include cement-bound, polymer modified cement-based and polymer epoxy resin-based products, according to the specific applications and performance requirements, including the protection against aggressive influences of acidic gases and liquids. Sika also produces quality-controlled and pre-batched, machine-applied concretes and mortars for large volume concrete replacements.

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 Levelling and restoring concrete surfaces - Sika MonoTop, Sikagard EpoCem
Levelling and restoring concrete surfaces

To ensure a long term performance, a protective coating system should always be applied on a clean, uniform and defect-free surface. Sika produces a wide range of surface levelling mortars and surface sealing mortars for the treatment and closure of surface defects such as bug-holes/pinholes or voids that could allow the penetration of aggressive agents in the concrete structure of the chimney.

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Protective impregnations and surface coatings: Sikagard, SikaCor
Protective impregnations and surface coatings

In order to optimize the protection of external surfaces, from the base to the top of chimneys (zones 1, 2 & 3 as per EN1504-2), Sika produces a full range of silicone, silane and siloxane-based hydrophobic impregnations, acrylic resin-based surface coatings, along with waterproofing and anti-carbonation systems with elastic and crack-bridging capabilities.

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Remedial solutions for cracks and joints: Sika Injection, Sikaflex, Sikadur Combiflex System
Treatment of cracks and joints

Due to their slender structures and their exposition to harsh environments, chimneys are frequently prone to cracking in the concrete. Sika produces different viscosities and grades of synthetic resins to address the cracking issue. These resins are solvent-free, usable in both dry and damp conditions and all present high chemical resistance, with different penetration capabilities to suit the nature, width and extent of different cracks.

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Structural strengthening: Sikadur, SikaWrap, Sika CarboDur, Sika AnchorFix
Structural strengthening

Thanks to a range of prefabricated Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) elements, glass/carbon fibre fabrics and structural adhesives for high performance bonding, Sika can give a second lease on life to any ageing chimney: Anchoring of additional or replacing steel reinforcement in the concrete, achieving external strengthening by plate or fabric bonding, re-stressing (post-tensioning) works, etc.

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