From the concrete runway all the way to the terminal rooftop, Sika provides architects, designers and builders with the best construction material possible. From the busiest international airports to smaller regional and local airports, you can count on Sika’s high-performance construction solutions to help meet the most stringent requirements applicable for all your airport infrastructure projects.

Sika products for building foundations and runways construction
Concrete admixtures and additives

When it comes to building or modernizing an airport, concrete is the material of choice. From building foundations to runways, Sika offers an extensive range of high-performance concrete admixtures and additives to improve concrete quality, , appearance, workability and performance, meeting the requirements for terminals, car parks, runways and other related infrastructure.

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 waterproofing solutions for airport structures
Structure waterproofing

Airports are large and complex structures with challenging requirements when it comes to waterproofing. From the terminals themselves, to the parking garages, aircraft hangars, baggage handling areas, office space, technical rooms and on-site fuel farms, each structure and area comes with a specific set of requirements that must be adequately waterproofed.

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Flooring and lining solutions for airports
Flooring and lining solutions

Airport terminal floors and walls are subject to high traffic volumes and various forms of intense stress from foot-, luggage cart- and trolley-traffic. In other areas, mobile scaffolding, hoists and other maintenance-related equipment (as well as the planes themselves) make seamless, tough, high-performing, and, yet, aesthetically-pleasing flooring solutions an absolute necessity.

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Façades and fenestration products for airports
Façades and fenestration

In modern airports, designed with large metal and glass façades, top-performing structural glazing adhesives and weatherproof sealants are critical. From the aesthetics of the façade to its performance in relation to the comfort of the travellers and personnel, airport façades contribute enormously to the quality of the interior environment.

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Roofing solutions for airports
Roofing solutions

Long-lasting and watertight roofing is essential for the function and sustainability of any building, and nowhere is this truer than in an airport. As the global leader in the field of PVC roofing systems for over 50 years, Sika produces high-quality and long-lasting polymeric membranes for cool-, conventional ballasted-, green- and liquid-applied membrane roofs, no matter their level of complexity.

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