Sika has the expertise and experience to support your design ideas and to meet the different requirements in new hotel construction or in the refurbishment process of buildings with a very high architectural value. Sika is your single-source supplier for integrated construction solutions and service and you can count on Sika’s team of experienced professionals to assist you in your project, every step of the way, from conception to completion.


From foundations to roof, Sika offers a comprehensive range of specialty construction products:

Concrete admixtures and additives for concrete production

When a new hotel is being built, the project may require a reinforced concrete structure with cast-in-place concrete, requiring large amounts of ready-mixed concrete or pre-cast concrete elements assembled at the jobsite, Sika offers an extensive range of high performance concrete admixtures and additives to improve concrete quality, aesthetic, workability and performance.

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Below grade structures waterproofing

Hotels are complex structures with many specific requirements for water tightness in below grade areas including car parks, basements, kitchens facilities, storage areas, integrated commercial areas, back offices, equipment rooms, etc.

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Underground parking membranes systems

Sika’s project-oriented approach combined with high quality and proven systems, such as Sikalastic® membranes, has resulted in the best-suited, most durable and cost-effective solutions successfully protecting new or existing parking structures.

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Flooring solutions: From decorative floors to intensive service flooring systems

Hallways, reception areas and other passage ways leading to the key areas of the hotel, are at the heart of the customer experience. From a design and operation standpoint, those areas are also subjected to high pedestrian and light wheel traffic such as luggage carts; such conditions will not only call for performing but also highly aesthetic flooring solutions.

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Sealing, bonding and dampening solutions for facades

Joint sealants play a very important role in every building, even more so in hotels. From the aesthetics of the façade to its performance for the comfort of the guests, joint sealants prevent the passage of air and water; they provide thermal and sound insulation.

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Sarnafil systems: Roofing for new construction and refurbishment projects

Hotel roofs do not only need be waterproof and durable to withstand the test of time and external exposure and physical stresses, they must also fulfill the architects’ design requirements in terms of shape, colour and overall aesthetics. Be they cool, solar-ready, or green, Sika has the necessary experience to provide innovative solutions both for new built modern roofs and complex renovation projects.

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Concrete repair, protection and structural strengthening solutions for hotel refurbishment

Refurbishment of concrete and masonry structures, while respecting the architectural character of the existing building, can be carried out with Sika’s complete range of concrete repair and maintenance products. Sika also provides structural strengthening solutions including a variety of carbon/glass fibre fabrics for a wide range of applications (i. e. shear/flexural strengthening, confinement) and protective and decorative coatings for façades.