If your job is to save lives or to take care of patients, our job at Sika is to provide the architect and the builder of your hospital with the best construction materials possible. We will achieve this by providing a comprehensive range of high performance construction products and systems compatible with the most stringent requirements applicable in healthcare facilities.

Concrete admixtures and additives for concrete production for Healthcare facilities
Concrete admixtures and additives for concrete production

When a new hospital is being built, the project may require a reinforced concrete structure with cast-in-place concrete, requiring large amounts of ready-mixed concrete (or pre-cast concrete elements assembled at the jobsite). In order to meet these challenges, Sika offers an extensive range of high performance concrete admixtures and additives to improve concrete quality, aesthetics, workability and performance.

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Waterproofing systems
Below grade structures waterproofing

Hospitals are complex buildings that must meet special requirements at every level of the structure, starting with below ground areas. From underground parking garages, technical rooms, storage and laundry areas to basements used for patient care and treatment, laboratories and technical areas, offices and computer centres and archives, waterproofing requirements will vary significantly.

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Flooring and wall coatings for Healthcare facilities
Flooring and wall coatings

In healthcare facilities, the floors and walls in corridors and other medical/non-medical areas are subjected to high pedestrian and wheel traffic such as stretchers, hospital beds and other medical equipment on wheels. Exposed to shocks, abrasion and other forms of physical stress, such an environment will call for seamless, hygienic, performing, easy to maintain but also for aesthetic flooring solutions.

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Facades and fenestration for Healthcare facilities
Façades and fenestration

Joint sealants play a very important role in every building, even more so in healthcare facilities. From the aesthetics of the façade to its performance in relationship to the comfort of the patients and the personnel, joint sealants prevent the passage of air and water; they provide thermal and sound insulation and contribute to the quality of the interior environment.

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Roofing - healthcare facilities
Roofing solutions

Long-lasting and watertight roofs are essential for the functioning and sustainability of any building and this is particularly true for hospitals. With a proven record of more than 50 years, Sika produces high quality and long-lasting polymeric membranes for cool roofs, conventional ballasted roofs, green roofs and liquid-applied membranes for the treatment of heavily congested roof areas.

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