Your house or your apartment is probably the most important investment of your life. In order to maintain the value of this asset over time, it will be imperative for you to carry out maintenance and repair works on a regular basis. You can count on Sika and its complete range of construction solutions available at your nearest home improvement centre or hardware store.

Adhesives and sealants prodcuts
Adhesives and sealants for interior/exteriors projects

When it comes down to sealing perimeter and construction joints; weatherproofing doors and windows; bonding wood floor in salons, dining rooms, sleeping rooms, entry halls; sealing joints in bathrooms around sinks, showers, bathtubs and backsplashes, countertops, sinks and other kitchen elements, we’ve got it covered:

Concrete repair and patching products
Protective and decorative coatings

Protect and embellish masonry elements and cast-in-place concrete such as, foundation and retaining walls, garage and basement slabs, façade elements and any other apparent concrete element in your house.

Concrete repair and patching products
Concrete repair and patching

Benefit from proven cementitious technologies developed by Sika and applied on jobsites across the world to repair, patch, level and finish concrete surfaces on balconies, patios, exterior staircases, floor, slabs, walkways, driveways, etc.

Crack repair/waterproofing products
Crack repair/waterproofing

Protect the structural integrity of your house thanks to Sika efficient and user-friendly repair solutions for cracked and leaking foundation walls, garage slabs, balconies and patios.

Exterior works producst
Exterior works

Around the house and in the garden, Sika products will allow you to carry out different types of works ranging from fence post installation (learn how to install a fence post in minutes); anchoring balustrades, railings, handrails and other fixations; building and securing landscaping and retaining walls elements (rock, precast concrete elements), and much more.

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Injection Repair Kit for Leaking Foundations

Injection Repair Kit for Leaking Foundations

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Anchoring Adhesive

Anchoring Adhesives

Learn how to anchor balustrades, railings, handrails and other fixations with Sika AnchorFix®!