From highly automated distribution centres -- where robots literally glide from row to row to pick-up orders -- to traditional warehouses -- managed with the help of heavy forklifts and pallet trucks – logistics facilities must offer high-performance protection against the environment, and interior finishes capable of accommodating in-bound and out-bound freight and all the associated equipment.

Concrete admixtures and additives for warehouse
Concrete admixtures and additives for warehouse

From the warehouse structure down to the loading docks, dolly pads and parking lots, the use of concrete may take different forms: in-situ poured concrete, precast concrete elements assembled onsite and even roller-compacted concrete (RCC) for paving applications. Sika offers admixtures and additives to help ensure that the demands placed upon concrete for efficient placing and finishing are met and, ultimately, to achieve the desired performance and durability of concrete over time.

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 Waterproofing solutions for warehouse

The construction of watertight foundations, slabs, and other structural elements made of concrete will be of critical importance for the durability and functioning of a warehouse. Sika offer waterproofing solutions that can be used in external or internal applications to prevent water, moisture and corrosive pollutants penetration, hence avoiding major business disruptions and huge additional costs (closures, remedial work and sometimes, or worse, the replacement of the structure).

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Flooring solutions for warehouse

Warehouse floors must resist abrasion, shocks and wear resulting from forklift and pallet truck manoeuvres. In addition to the resistance factor, goods reception/dispatch areas, shipment preparation zones, alleys and access ramps, must be easy to maintain and to clean in the event of spills or breakages. Depending on the types of products handled (chemicals, temperature-controlled, etc.), some specific properties such as chemical resistance, anti-slip/skid surfaces, etc., may be required.

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Joint treatment products for warehouse
Joint treatment

Sealants used for industrial floor joints have to meet different performance requirements based on the function and location of the joints. Generally, floor joint sealants must withstand much higher mechanical and chemical stresses than a façade joint sealant. The stress generated by the handling equipment, the machines and the products used in the cleaning processes will have an impact on the durability and the performance of floor joint sealant.

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Structural anchoring and grouting products
Structural anchoring and grouting

Pallet racks, conveyors systems, staircases, overhead walkways, safety devices and other loading dock equipment are all key features in modern warehouses. The installation of this equipment will require highly performing and reliable anchoring and grouting solutions. Sika provides a complete range of cement or polymer-based grouts, chemical anchors, specialty mortars for concrete work.

Corrosion & Fire Protection of Structural Steel
Corrosion & Fire Protection of Structural Steel

Besides concrete, steel elements are widely used in the construction of warehousing and logistics facilities, particularly for the structural framework, to create wide-span structures. The structural steel framework used in many buildings must be protected against corrosion and has to meet stringent building regulations for fire protection, requirements for which Sika offers different products for steel protection against fire.

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Roofing solutions for warehouse
Roofing solutions

A durable watertight roof is of great importance to the operation of warehousing facilities. Rain, hail, snow, sun light, high wind uplift forces, and other environmental influences all conspire to compromise the integrity of the roof, therefore, any damage or deterioration of the roof waterproofing system can lead not only to leaks, but also damage the building’s structural integrity and the consequent loss of productivity due to repair work.

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