Cars, trucks, locomotives, planes or electronic components, consumer goods or even medicines, all come out of manufacturing plants. Those industrial buildings need to relay on highly performant building structures and envelopes capable to withstand the associated industrial processes and the exterior environment. From the foundations all the way up to the roof, you can count on Sika’s extensive range of construction solutions that will meet the most stringent requirement of any given industrial sector.

Concrete admixtures and additives for warehouse
Admixtures and additives for concrete construction

When building a new manufacturing plant, concrete may be used under different forms: cast-in-place concrete or precast concrete elements assembled onsite, or in a combination of both techniques. Sika provides a wide range of concrete admixtures and additives to help ensure that the concrete can meet the demands placed upon it for efficient placing and finishing, then to achieve the desired performance and durability for the entire structure.

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 Waterproofing solutions for manufacturing facilities

Watertight foundations, slabs, and other structural elements made of concrete will be of critical importance for the durability and functioning of any plant. Sika offers an extensive range of waterproofing solutions that can be used in external or internal applications to prevent water, moisture and corrosive pollutants from penetrating the structure, hence avoiding major business disruptions and associated financial costs that may result from closures to carry out repair work.

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Flooring solutions for manufacturing facilities

Plant floors must be designed and built to resist the specific environment in which they will function: abrasion, vibrations, shock and wear. In addition to the durability factor, the different production areas must be easy to maintain and clean in the event of spills or breakages. Depending on the types of products manufactured, some specific properties such as chemical resistance, anti-slip/skid surfaces, dissipative or conductive properties, may be required.

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Joint treatment products for warehouse
Joint treatment

Sealants used for industrial floor joints must meet different performance requirements based on the function and location of the joints. Generally, floor joint sealants must withstand much higher mechanical and chemical stresses than, for example, a façade joint sealant. The stress generated by the manufacturing processes, production flows, handling equipment traffic will have an impact on the durability and performance of floor joint sealants.

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Structural anchoring and grouting products for manufacturing facilities
Structural anchoring and grouting

Installing assembly lines, individual work stations, machine tools, generators, pumps – not to mention the necessary safety devices on the floor plant, will require highly performant anchoring and grouting systems. Sika provides a vast range of injection grouts (cementitious, polymer and epoxy), cementitious mortars and chemical anchoring solutions for application on concrete substrates.

Corrosion & Fire Protection of Structural Steel for manufacturing facilities
Corrosion & Fire Protection of Structural Steel

Depending of the sector of activity, the elements making up the structure of a plant may be exposed to aggressive liquids and gases involved in the manufacturing processes, high humidity /condensation, wastewater, different chemicals, abrasion and mechanical impact. Since steel is omnipresent in the construction of those installations, particularly for the structural framework, an adequate and effective protection against corrosion and fire will be required.

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Roofing solutions for manufacturing facilities
Roofing solutions

A durable watertight roof system is of great importance to the daily operation of manufacturing facilities. Rain, hail, snow, sun light, high wind uplift forces, and other environmental influences all conspire to compromise the integrity of the roof.  Any damage or deterioration of the roof waterproofing system can lead not only to leaks, but also to disruption of the operations not to mention damages to the building’s structural integrity.

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