Parking structures are of critical importance in an era of ever increasing car ownership and use. They not only serve to provide a valuable facility for public and private concerns, but are often a source of revenue for owners and operators. From an asset management perspective, it is crucial then that, during construction, maintenance or renovation, these structures are properly waterproofed and protected.

Quality concrete production
Concrete admixtures

Be they underground or multi-storey car parks, built using cast-in-place or precast concrete elements erected on site, (or combining both techniques in some instances), those structures will call for reinforced concrete. In all cases, the use of concrete admixtures and additives will improve concrete quality, workability, performance and durability.

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Parking deck membranes
Parking deck membranes

Parking decks, access ramps, walkways and staircases need to be durable, resistant and aesthetic. Be they underground/covered or outside/partially exposed, those elements within the structure will be exposed to weathering, temperature variations and to different forms of wear and tear. Sika provides different types of membranes and flooring solutions for specific applications within the structure.

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Waterproofing systems
Waterproofing systems

Since a car park may be built under- or above-ground, with some areas of the structure exposed to the elements, waterproofing of foundations walls, basements, construction/expansion joints not to mention other construction details such as around the parking slabs, pillars, access ramps, stairways and other penetrations, need to be carefully designed and executed in order to prevent the ingress of water and avoid subsequent damages.

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Elastic Joint Sealants
Joint solutions for facades and precast elements

In order to seal the different types of joints that may be found in parking structures and exposed to vehicle circulation, mechanical stress and abrasion, but also to chemical pollutants, Sika provides a full range of elastic joint sealants with outstanding adhesion properties on concrete and other common construction materials, high movement capability and excellent resistance to chemical pollutants.

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Car park refurbishment and maintenance
Car park refurbishment and maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and refurbishment of parking structures, Sika can help you at virtually every stage of the process with a fully integrated and warranted range of systems including corrosion management systems, full-depth, patch or shallow repair concrete and mortars, anchoring adhesives and injection resins; joint sealants; penetrating sealers and protective/decorative coatings and structural strengthening systems, right through to line marking materials for the deck membranes themselves.

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