Bridges have always been of uttermost importance in the field of infrastructures. Be they road, railway or foot bridges, they allow people and goods to overcome physical barriers such as rivers, valleys, large bodies of water and other obstacles. Their design will vary depending on the nature of the terrain, the function of the bridge, and where it is constructed. Sika offers a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions for virtually any type of bridge, regardless of its age or condition.

Concrete admixtures

Stay on schedule, keep traffic disruptions to a minimum and increase the productivity of construction crews with Sika concrete admixtures. They are perfectly suited for the production of high early-strength concrete when replacing damaged concrete on large areas such as bridge decks. Sika admixtures will increase the concrete workability, reduce its permeability, eliminate the need for vibration during the placement (self-compacting, excellent flowability), etc. Sika also offers concrete accessories and curing solutions.

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Concrete repairs

A full range of cementitious/polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy-based repair materials for horizontal, overhead or vertical repairs of structural elements subjected to dynamic loading, etc. Sika also offers structural epoxy adhesives, mortars and grouts for bonding, anchoring, embedding and grouting concrete or steel structural elements.

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Structural strengthening

Thanks to a range of prefabricated Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) elements, glass/carbon fibre fabrics and structural adhesives for high performance bonding, Sika can give a second lease on life to an ageing bridge. These composite materials are ideal for flexural strengthening or shear upgrades of decks, beams and girders, and column/pier confinement.

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Sika’s portfolio includes durable and high-performing waterproofing solutions for application on concrete and steel bridge decks, parapets, joints, terminations and other structural elements: liquid-applied membranes, waterproof epoxy overlays, bonding primers for asphalt, elastic joint sealing systems, epoxy resins injections for crack repairs and waterproofing.

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Concrete and steel protection

Given the harsh environments in which bridges are generally constructed, abutments, piers, decks, girders, parapets, steel cable stays, and other elements of the structure require protection. Sika offers a wide range of coatings and impregnations to protect the concrete and steel structures from different forms of aggression: salt/water sprays in marine environments, carbonation, runoffs/projections of chemical pollutants such as de-icing salts or chlorides and the resulting corrosion.