PowerCure Adhesives – the Best Thing to Happen to Auto-glass Replacement since the Introduction of Bonded Windshields

Imagine a polyurethane adhesive that attains full cure within an hour, such that it is cured through-and-through and returns your vehicle to its OEM condition by the time your windshield installation has been completed. With the arrival of SikaTack® Elite, powered by Sika’s innovative PowerCure technology, this is now a reality!

Advantages of a One-Hour Full Cure

SikaTack® Elite was specially formulated to respond to technological advances in the automotive industry, more particularly, the advent of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – systems that are fast being implemented as the
automotive industry evolves towards self-driving cars. The windshields on ADAS-equipped vehicles, when replaced, need to be calibrated to ensure that everything works as designed. To ensure that the windshield will stay put during and after the calibration, Sika introduced its newest member of the AGR product line specifically because it cures fully within one hour of application, allowing technicians to proceed to the calibration immediately upon completing the installation, and thus reducing wait times for vehicle-owners.

Since introducing this newest adhesive, Sika has found that other members of the automotive industry also appreciate its fast turn-around, such as Crash Body Repair Shops and mechanics everywhere who can proceed with additional work, including raising a car on a hoist within minutes of completing a windshield installation.

Large-vehicle fleet owners are also enamored with our latest adhesive, as it allows them to install windshields on income-earning buses and trucks and put them back into service within minutes.   

What exactly is “PowerCure” Technology?

The PowerCure® range of products (SikaTack® Elite, Sikaflex®-268 and Sikaflex®-271) consist of “boosted” polyurethane adhesives that cure like a normal
polyurethane on their own, or within a couple of hours when “boosted” using the
special PowerCure® dispenser that dynamically mixes the ingredients from the
two-component sausage packs. In the manufacturing sector, it is also possible
to use the products via a bulk dispensing system.  Either way, customers have access to exactly the same product, making the system ideal for OEM applications and aftermarket repair and maintenance work, too.  

For more information on how the PowerCure® products can help to stream-line your production processes and get your customers back to work more quickly and safely, contact your local Sika Canada Industry Technical Sales Representative.