Sikadur®-31 SBA Cold Weather

Sikadur®-31 SBA Cold Weather is a unique, two component epoxy resin based, structural adhesive. It is moisture tolerant during application and curing and provides high-modulus and high strength properties once cured. The material is specifically formulated as an adhesive paste, available in different temperature grades to accommodate specific site conditions and construction requirements. The Sikadur®-31 SBA group of adhesives has a proven track record and is widely used in bonding hardened concrete in the erection of segmental bridges, amongst other applications.

  • Easy to apply, non-sag paste for vertical applications.
  • Convenient and easy to mix ratio. A:B=2:1 by volume.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, timber and most construction materials.
  • Moisture tolerant before, during and after cure.
  • Other temperature governed grades also available.
  • Sikadur®-31 SBA Slow Set version is available to meet assembly and strength gain requirements.
  • High-modulus, high-strength, structural adhesion.
  • Conformance to ASTM C881, Type VI requirements and ASBI guidelines.