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  • CiDRA


    SMARThatch™ technology, featuring AIRtrac™ Mobile, is an innovative concrete quality control solution with real-time air, temperature, volume-in-the-drum and revolution counter.

  • Webinars


    For all our customers and business partners working remotely, Sika Canada is excited to offer a brand new series of training modules via webinars! Save your seat right now!

  • Sikagard® Duroplast®-150 N

    Sikagard® Duroplast®-150 N

  • SikaTitan® Solo

    SikaTitan® Solo

  • High performance has a new face...

    High performance has a new face...

    Discover our new Sikalastic® Pronto RB-5700 PUMA system

  • Sikacrete®-06 SCC

    Sikacrete®-06 SCC

  • When counting pennies matters...

    When counting pennies matters...

    Now Available! An All-purpose and economical grout for all your cost-driven projects!

  • Sika - King: It's official!

    Sika - King: It's official!

    With the transaction completed as of May 1, 2019, King Packaged Materials Company is now part of the great Sika family. Sika Canada would like to welcome aboard all the King employees!

  • New addition to our Sika AnchorFix® Product Line

    New addition to our Sika AnchorFix® Product Line

  • Sika® FastFix-130 Power Patch

    Sika® FastFix-130 Power Patch

    Discover our new high strength repair mortar, ideal for small repair works (holes, spalls, etc.) on horizontal concrete surfaces!

  • Sika: A winning hand for your LEED projects!

    Sika: A winning hand for your LEED projects!

    Discover today the latest EPDs and the emission certificates and accumulate point for your LEED certification

  • SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

    SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

    Check out how Mike Holmes and his crew uses our SikaBond® Construction Adhesive on his job sites!
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  • LEED v4

    LEED v4

    Discover how LEED v4 certified products from Sika are contributing to sustainable and eco friendly construction

  • PowerCure Dispenser

    PowerCure Dispenser

    Discover the PowerCure Dispenser, a new and unique technology that allows you to significantly increase the cure speed of our polyurethane adhesives

  • Sikafloor® Terrazzo

    Sikafloor® Terrazzo

    From the floor to the bar and up to the columns; architectural potential is unlimited! Discover the reinvented design provided by the Sikafloor® Epoxy Terrazzo!

  • Sika® Level-125CA

    Sika® Level-125CA

    Check out Mike Holmes in action - Levelling a floor never got easier!

  • Insulation and weather sealing with Sika Boom

    Insulation and weather sealing with Sika Boom

    Sika Canada and Mike Holmes partnership : Featuring Sika Boom Low Expansion Foam!