World leader in the development and manufacture of adhesives, sealants and acoustic flooring systems for the shipbuilding industry as well as bonding, sealing and damping solutions for yachts and sailing boats.

Sika for Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Marine Vessels

Sika provides direct glazing, teak decking, exterior and interior
sealing and bonding as well as acoustic flooring systems in the
manufacture and repair of leisure boats, commercial vessels and offshore platforms.

Our elastic bonding and sealing solutions are designed with the marine
environment in mind: resistance to water, sun, cleaning chemicals and
fatigue. Sika offers a range of flooring products, each of which have a
levelling and smoothing aspect as well as varying degrees of noise and
vibration reduction properties coupled with fire performance in order to
meet the requirements of both ship owners and regulatory bodies.

A marine vessel cruising on the sea containing Sikafloor products