Joints are omnipresent in construction. They are found between the different building elements and materials. They are designed to enable movement between the building blocks mainly originating from thermal expansion of the materials. They need to be sealed against water ingress and air exchange.


Even though sealants represent a small part of a construction, they are of the uttermost importance for the function and durability of the building envelope. Thanks to joint sealing, the passage of media can be prevented - like air, water, chemicals or smoke. It also provides thermal and sound insulation, and helps enhance the visual appearance of the whole construction.

The building blocks of your construction - like the concrete slab, the glass facade element, the roofing membrane, the metal cover - generally do not let water, moisture or air enter the building or structure.  The joints are where a building is weakest to leakage. Only correctly specified and professionally applied high-quality joint sealants will manage to keep your building or structure sustainably tight during its entire lifespan.

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