Sikasil® - Engineered Silicone Sealants and Adhesives

Sikasil® represents a proven line of high performance silicone sealants and adhesives for structural glazing, weather and joint sealing, insulated glass and a variety of specialty applications.

The Sikasil® range, combined with our Sikaflex® and SikaBond® polyurethane technologies, is engineered to provide a wide cross-section of properties, allowing specifiers, manufacturers and applicators to select the best product for their needs. Silicones are easy to apply even at sub-zero temperatures, offer superior adhesion to glass and non-porous substrates, excellent movement capabilities, greater service temperature ranges, prolonged durability and long-lasting weathering resistance.

Sikasil® expands upon Sika Canada’s comprehensive portfolio of sealants and adhesives. These products are also well-established and extensively employed in construction and industry, worldwide.

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  • Sikasil® glazing products provide the key characteristics for continuously evolving and challenging architectural designs.
  • Sikasil® silicones afford the opportunity to install weatherseals all year round and provide long-term protection to building envelopes in all seasons.
  • Sikasil® sealants provide durable protection to moving joints on parking decks, bridges, airport runways and other horizontal applications.
  • Sikasil® insulated glass sealants and adhesives offer improved adhesion values, fast-curing capabilities and long-term sealing of glazing units in manufacturing.
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The environments in which we live and work continue to become more exacting with the passage of time. Buildings, structures, manufactured goods and even people have to operate in extreme weather conditions and must withstand unforeseen, natural events.

Sikasil®, Sikaflex® and SikaBond®, being based upon proven and high quality technologies, assist in delivering security of performance, something to be depended upon.

Sika’s sealants and adhesives are developed and manufactured under strict ISO quality control and environmental management programs, ensuring consistent results, responsible use of resources and reduced impact upon the environment.

The products within Sika’s ever-expanding Sikasil®, Sikaflex® and SikaBond® product lines are often independently assessed and approved by construction or industry recognized organizations, adding further assurance. Specification and use of our sealants and adhesives enables those who do so, to experience the benefits of reliable performance accompanied by unparalleled project support.

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Product Information


Sikasil®, Sikaflex® and SikaBond® sealants and adhesives have all been developed to meet industry recognized standards for their particular uses, as well as to achieve success in an increasingly demanding construction market.

From structural glazing to parking decks, Sikasil® brings a broad spectrum of characteristics and benefits to buildings, civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

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Sika’s Sikasil® sealing and bonding product lines offer quality sealants and adhesives for a wide variety of industrial sectors, including Fenestration, Façades, HVAC, Marine and Transportation.

In manufacturing, the Sikasil® range of products are used to structurally bond and glaze windows, to manufacture HVAC components and to seal trucks, trailers and RVs. They also have numerous applications in installation work, such as for sealing in ship building and repair work, sealing and back-bedding windows, impact back-bedding hurricane windows, for façade and curtain-wall assemblies, and much more.

Our silicones, which can be used on a host of manufacturing materials, are appreciated for their ease-of-use, their fast-curing properties, the strong bonds they create and their permanent elasticity.

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The Product Range

Sikasil® materials instill confidence and ensure performance, with the following products being at the forefront: