Sikasil® WS-290

Sikasil® WS-290 is an ultra-low modulus, one–component, non-sag, elastomeric, neutral-cure silicone sealant. It
possesses a no-bleed formulation and is suitable for above grade, horizontal and vertical, interior or exterior applications.

  • May be applied in below freezing temperatures if substrates are completely dry, frost free and clean.
  • Excellent gunability in all temperatures.
  • Adhesion to porous and non-porous materials, including glass, aluminium, metal, tile, fibreglass, plastic, ceramic, masonry, concrete, brick, powder coated aluminium, fluoropolymer painted surfaces, vinyl, PVC, EIFS, granite, limestone, marble and wood.
  • Capable of accommodating +100/-50 % joint movement.
  • Non-staining, maintains appearance of architectural substrates.
  • Unaffected by most atmospheric conditions.
  • Meets industry specifications: ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 100/50, Use NT, M, G, A, O; TT-S-00230C, Type II,
  • Class A; TT-S-001543A, Class A; CAN/CGSB 19.13-M87, AAMA 808.3 and California Resource Board 2003 requirements for VOC content.
  • Meets ASTM C1382 when used in Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) Joints.