Sikasil®-728 NS

Highway/Parking Garage Grade, Non-Sag, Ultra-Low Modulus and Neutral-Cure Silicone Sealant

  • May be applied with ease in all seasons and ideal for cold climates.
  • Ready to use, higher productivity providing labour cost reductions.
  • Bonds to most substrates without priming on concrete and also adheres to steel, glass, aluminium, tile, fibreglass, plastic, ceramic, masonry, brick, stone, granite and wood.
  • Good contact/adhesion with hard to reach areas.
  • Excellent flexibility in extremely high and low temperature conditions.
  • Capable of accommodating +100,-50% joint movement.
  • Extremely long service life.
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM D5893; ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 100/50, Use NT, T,M,G,A,O with Ultra- low Shore Hardness; TT-S-00230C, Type II, Class A; TT-S-001543A, Class A and California Air Resources Board 2003 requirements for VOC content.
  • Approved for use by Alberta Transportation.