SikaGrind®-455 GNT


SikaGrind®-455 GNT is a non-chloride based, cost effective grinding aid for portland cement and other hydraulic cements. It is designed to improve the efficiency of the grinding process and can reduce the energy needed for grinding clinker.

SikaGrind®-455 GNT provides the following advantages in the cement production:
  • Increases production rate (tons per hour)
  • Improves grinding efficiency
  • Improves separator efficiency due to improved dispersion
  • Allows for a faster achievement of the desired cement fineness
  • Reduces particle fraction > 32μ of the ground cement
  • Reduces re-agglomeration of the cement particles
  • Reduces the accumulation of material on grinding equipment (grinding balls and mill)
  • Reduces relative energy consumption per ton of cement
  • Facilitates product handling and minimizes “plugging” issues due to improved flow characteristics
SikaGrind®-455 GNT provides the following advantages to the finished cement:
  • Reduces handling costs especially on pneumatic conveying systems
  • Facilitates the discharge of silos
  • Improves self-levelling of the cement in the silo
  • Improves cement granulometry (reduced quantity of “over-milled” particles)
SikaGrind®-455 GNT