SikaGrind®-710  is  a  chloride-free  liquid  additive  with  strength-enhancing  properties.  SikaGrind®-710  is  specifically  developed to obtain cements with strongly increased early and final strength

SikaGrind®-710 provides the following advantages in the cement production:

  • ƒLess accumulation of material on grinding equipment (grinding balls and mill)
  • ƒHigher efficiency of plants (tons per hour) due to reduced grinding time per ton
  • ƒHigher separator efficiency due to improved dispersionƒ
  • Easier achievement of the desired cement finenessƒ
  • Cost savings due to lower power consumption per ton

SikaGrind®-710 gives the following advantages to the finished cement:

  • ƒIncreased early and final strength
  • ƒImproved powder flow characteristics and easier discharge of silo