SikaFiber® Force-48

SikaFiber®  Force-48  is  a  48  mm  long  macro  synthetic  fibre  for  use  in  structural  concrete  and  shotcrete,  specifically  engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facil

Improves characteristics of hardened concreteƒ

  • Highly increased energy absorption for sprayed concreteƒ
  • Crack bridging capacity, especially at large crack openings
  • ƒIncreased durability due to high chemical resistanceƒ
  • Rust-free surfacesƒ
  • Dissipates strains in concrete and prevents structural cracking
  • ƒIncreases impact and shatter resistanceƒ
  • Improves load capacity and ductilityƒ
  • Increases abrasion resistanceƒ
  • Increases resistance to freeze thaw attack

Replacing rebar/wire mesh in concreteƒ

  • Replaces and/or eliminates the need for secondary reinforcement systems (welded wire fabric reinforcement)ƒ
  • Easier to handle
  • ƒReduction of construction timesƒ
  • Homogeniously mixed throughout concrete - Always in the correct locationƒ
  • Facilitates filling of edges, corners and complex shapes

Replacing steel fibresƒ

  • Reduced wear on concrete pumps and hoses compared to steel fibers
  • ƒNo corrosion stains on surfaceƒ
  • Greater energy absorption at higher displacements