SikaCem®-102 First Seal®

SikaCem®-102 First Seal® is a reactive water-based water repelling sealer for use on unsealed concrete or cementitious overlays. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® may be applied as soon as 24 hours after concrete placement. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® reacts with the concrete creating a water-resistant surface and a hydrophobic interior, reducing water and chemical absorption and limiting the damaging effects caused by freeze-thaw cycling and de-icing salts. SikaCem®-102 First Seal® promotes excellent adhesion when applied prior to the application of SikaCem® acrylic sealers.

  • Low VOC, low odour
  • Non film forming
  • Limits erosion caused by de-icing chemicals
  • Milky white liquid which dries clear
  • Does not enhance the colour of the surface
  • Provides good economical protection on exterior hardscapes, thereby reducing maintenance costs