SikaMix® NP

Sikamix  NP  is  a  new  generation,  synthetically  manufactured,  admixture  for  low  and  no  slump  concrete  mixes.  Sikamix  NP  is  a  scientifically  formulated  blend  of  a  non-ionic surfactant, and a plasticizing and dispersing agent which lubricates low and no (zero)  slump  concrete  mixes  utilized  in  block,(dry  cast)  concrete  products,  and  pipe  production.  The  lubrication  quality  of  Sikamix  NP  improves  cohesiveness,  strengths,  uniformity, and compaction in non-plastic concrete resulting in a reduction of breakage or chipping.

Sikamix NP is an integral concrete densifying admixture that acts as a cement dispersant and enhances the unit water content.

  • Machine productivity will be increased by more rapid filling of form and mold boxes.
  • The internal lubricating properties of Sikamix NP reduce the wear on machinery and extends machine life. (Surface swipe will be more pronounced.)
  • Moisture absorption rates will be reduced.
  • Lighter colours will maintain a more uniform, consistent shade and general product appearance will be improved.
  • Edges on pipe and block will be sharper, more defined and less likely to chip.

Sikamix NP contains no calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chloride containing ingredients. It will not initiate or promote the corrosion of steel in contact with the concrete.