SikaMix® PL-100

Plasticizer and Compacting-Aid for dry-Cast Concrete

Sikamix PL-100 is an integral concrete densifying admixture that acts as a cement dispersant and reduces the use of water.

  • Machine productivity will be increased by more rapid filling of form and mold boxes.
  • The internal lubricating properties of Sikamix PL-100 reduce the wear on machinery and extend machine life.
  • Provides a better form swipe on drycast products.
  • Lighter colours will maintain a more uniform, consistent shade and general product appearance will be improved.
  • Edges on pipes and blocks will be sharper, more defined and less likely to chip.
  • Improves early and final strength of concrete and compactability.
  • Reduces breakage and culls.
  • Extends life of molds and machine parts.
  • Enables the use of pozzolans as a cement replacement while providing similar strengths and workability
  • Reduces the need for higher curing temperatures while maintaining early strengths.