SOLACHROME™ Integral Coloring Treatment for High-SRI Concrete

SOLACHROME® is a patented solar reflective concrete colouring admixture. Its unique composition can permanently develop deep vibrant solar reflective colours that will stay cool longer and have reduced maximum temperatures than colours made from traditional technologies.

  • Adds infrared light reflective colour to concrete that is weather resistant, UV Stable, lightfast, and alkali resistant
  • Does not contain any material that initiate, accelerate, or promote the corrosion of steel, coated metal, plastic, or rubber concrete reinforcements
  • Will not migrate from standing water
  • Can safely colour concrete fountains, pools, water features, or concrete that will be polished and encounter damp or wet environments
  • New Easy-Dose™ technology allows a single pail to accurately colour mixes that contain 5 to 7 bags of cement per cubic meter of concrete
  • Coloured concrete may contribute to earning LEED® credits in the Heat Island Reduction category: Non-Roof for all BD+C categories. Specified Colours can exceed the LEED® v4 building material Solar Reflectance (SR) requirement of 0.33 or greater