SikaRapid®-1 is a non-chloride hardening accelerator formulated to increase the early strength of concrete without affecting the initial workability.

High Early Strength Concrete: SikaRapid®-1 delivers excellent results in normal and hot weather conditions where very high early strengths are required. Benefits
  • Early stripping and re-use of forms
  • Faster finishing operations on flatwork surfaces
  • Earlier post-tensioning.
  • Effective with GU, MH, HE cements
Precast concrete: SikaRapid®-1 delivers excellent results for precast concrete when high early strengths are required. Curing times are significantly reduced while concrete quality is improved. Benefits
  • Use as a replacement for steam curing to save energy costs
  • Increase early strengths and allow faster rotation of molds to increase productivity
  • Use as a replacement for HE Type cement
Cold weather concreting: SikaRapid®-1 is an effective hardening accelerator where high early strength concrete is desired and the use of calcium chloride is prohibited.  Benefits
  • Insulation and heating costs for curing time can be reduced
  • Earlier stripping and reuse of forms increases labor productivity
  • Accelerated strength gain allows earlier structural use and speeds completion time
Placing concrete in freezing conditions: When used at Sika recommended dosage rates, SikaRapid®-1 may reduce the need for cold weather concreting practices as specified in ACI 306 - Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting. Field evaluations should be carried out when concrete is to be placed in freezing conditions to determine the minimum ambient and concrete temperatures required, and the optimum dosage for the desired setting time and strength performance. Sika strongly recommends that appropriate sound curing practices be used to protect fresh concrete from excessive heat loss in extreme weather conditions. SikaRapid®-1 does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides and will not initiate or promote the corrosion of reinforcing steel present in the concrete.