Sika® Stabilizer-4 R


Sika® Stabilizer-4 R is a ready-to-use, liquid-based viscosity modifying admixture. Sika® Stabilizer-4 R improves stability and segregation resistance of concrete mixes without significant reduction of slump or flow, resulting in improved surface quality and aesthetics. Sika® Stabilizer-4 R is suitable for various types of concrete and has been found to improve plastic properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) as well as high slump conventional concrete mixes, and mixes containing manufactured sand and/or poorly graded aggregates.  
Sika® Stabilizer-4 R helps stabilize the air void system in freshly mixed and placed concrete and increases the overall concrete stability. Sika® Stabilizer-4 R also reduces the consolidation effort, which could be utilized in a dry-cast application to reduce the production cycle time. Sika® Stabilizer-4 R is also compatible with Sika® ViscoCrete® high range water reducing admixtures and is recommended for precast and ready mix concrete applications.

Sika® Stabilizer 4R increases overall mix cohesiveness without promoting concrete stiffening, which ultimately results in easier placement, reduced consolidation effort and improved aesthetics.
  • Enhances stability of concrete matrix integrity during high slump placements.
  • Improves distribution of aggregate in the concrete mixture.
  • Increases the cohesiveness of lean and harsh mix designs.
  • Reduces segregation and bleeding.
  • Improves surface finishability.
  • Improves the air void distribution within the concrete matrix.
  • Reduces consolidation effort due to reduced stiffening.