Sika ViscoFlow®-2020


Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 is a water reducing and workability retaining admixture utilizing Sika ViscoFlow technology. 

Various levels of water reduction and workability retention can be achieved by adjusting the dosage rate of Sika ViscoFlow®-2020.    At lower dosage rates Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 provides mild to moderate water reduction with some extended workability. At higher dosage rates, or when used in combination with other water reducing admixtures, Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 provides high range water reduction with greater workability retention and the superplasticizing action allows for the production of high slump/flow concrete that can typically be placed with minimal or no vibration even at an extremely low water/cementitious ratio.   Concrete produced with Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 typically maintains consistency and workability for longer periods. The combined water reducing and superplasticizing action of Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 provides the following benefits:    ▪ Reduced water cement ratios produce more durable, dense concrete with reduced permeability and shrinkage, ▪ Consistent and predictable slump life performance, ▪ Reduced concrete stickiness allowing lower pumping pressures,
▪ Improved finishability of concrete, ▪ Increased early and ultimate strengths allow faster structural use of concrete, ▪ Minimal effect on setting times at lower dosage rates, ▪ Increased slump and workability improves efficiency of labor and reduces labor costs,
▪ Minimizes or eliminates the need for concrete retempering.    Sika ViscoFlow®-2020 does not contain intentionally added chlorides.