Sikaplast 500 is a mid-range water-reducing admixture which utilizes Sika’s latest Technology.

Water-Reducing Applications:

  • Economical low dosage admixture.
  • Water reduction of up to 5 %.
  • Conventional slump.
  • Similar setting properties as reference concrete.
  • Water reduction increases compressive strength.
  • Improved durability of concrete.

Mid-Range Water-Reducing Applications:

  • Medium dosage, cost-effective water reducer.
  • Especially beneficial in ready-mix applications.
  • Used with conventional slump concrete.
  • Ideal for lean, harsh, ready-mix concrete.
  • Suitable for concrete containing fly ash.
  • Improves workability and finishing qualities.

Thus, Sikaplast 500 will provide the following benefits:

  • Higher early and ultimate strengths.
  • Increased slump improves ease of placement and reduces labor costs.
  • Reduced water:cement ratio reduces permeability and increases durability.

Sikaplast 500 does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally-added chlorides and will not contribute to corrosion of steel reinforcement present in the concrete.

  • Approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
  • Approved by the Ministère des Transports du Québec.