Pedestrian Traffic Systems

Elastomeric coating materials are used to render the entire surface watertight, bridge cracks and tie into joint details.

Whether you are building or refurbishing balconies on a multi-unit  apartment complex or protecting elevated walkways in a commercial environment, Sika can offer solutions to meet the requirements of your  project.  

Sika offers a versatile range of polyurethane Pedestrian Traffic Systems that will:
  • Remain durable in horizontal applications with light duty traffic
  • Deliver a safe slip resistant finish
  • Provide the visual appearances required by the building’s owners, operators and users
  • Meet the schedule timelines and budgetary needs of the project.
  • Work in concert with the concrete repair, grouting, sealing, strengthening, corrosion mitigation and joint treatments also being used to build or refurbish the deck. Ideally from a single source.