Vehicular Traffic Coatings

The steel-reinforced concrete used to build parking structures requires protection against the ingress of chlorides and water that could lead to corrosion and structural degradation.

A proven approach is to use a protective deck membrane system to effectively block chlorides and waterproof a parking garage’s concrete deck.

Such systems must also:

  • Stand up to the wearing effects of vehicle traffic  
  • Deliver a safe slip resistant finish
  • Provide the visual appearances required by the building’s owners, operators and users
  • Meet the schedule timelines and budgetary needs of the project.    
  • Work in concert with the concrete repair, grouting, sealing,
    strengthening, corrosion mitigation and joint treatments also being used
    to build or refurbish the deck. Ideally from a single source.


Whether you are building or refurbishing a standalone above ground parkade, or multiple levels of parking below ground, Sika can offer solutions to meet the requirements of your project. 

Choose from our comprehensive range Vehicular Traffic Coating systems and specialty products to protect the deck and extend its service life.