Sikalastic®-735 AL

Sikalastic®-735 AL and Sikalastic®-736 AL Lo-VOC are coatings formulated to be used as topcoats for the Sikalastic®-710 NP in exposed or uncovered areas (See Sikalastic®-710 NP Product Data Sheet). They are intended to be used as wear coats and as a decorative finish option for pedestrian and light vehicular trafficked surfaces.

  • Single-part materials, reducing mixing needs and increasing productivity.
  • Resistance to abrasion, wear and ultra-violet light providing a longer service life.
  • Impervious to water and to common chemicals providing protection against deicing salts and incidental vehicle fluids.
  • Superior colour and gloss retention and cleanability for maintaining an attractive look.
  • A range of standard colours as well as custom and decorative options to serve all your finishing needs.
  • Optional accelerator (Sikalastic®-700 ACL) for increased productivity is available for fast-track or cold weather works.
  • Compliant with SWRI Deck Coatings standard.