Sikalastic®-2545 W GSC

Sikalastic®-2545 W GSC is a semi-breathable, water-based, two-part epoxy resin coating, applied to concrete slab-on-ground substrates over Sikalastic®-2570 W Primer. Quartz sand is broadcasted and encapsulated to provide improvedtraction texture.

  • Resistant to vehicle tire traffic conditions
  • Moisture permeability properties, better suited for ground slab applications than typical membrane systems
  • Improved aesthetic appearance compared to clear sealers
  • Good resistance to deicing salts and vehicle fluids
  • Unlimited colours, no minimum required
  • Long pot life and working time
  • Low VOC, low odour
  • Fast recoat and cure properties, minimizes facility downtime
  • Excellent opacity and colour hiding capability
Sikalastic®-2545 W GSC