Sika® Air-60

Sika® Air 60 is an aqueous solution of a unique, synthetically manufactured surfactant for the air entrainment of concrete. It is specifically designed with a lower active material content for concrete where low dosages of air-entraining admixtures are required. It also allows for air entrainment in stiffer concrete mixes. The admixture increases the durability of concrete, making it more resistant to the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles, while improving workability and reducing bleeding. Sika® Air 60 is carefully formulated and subjected to stringent quality control in order to ensure superior results in both the plastic and hardened concrete.

  • ƒƒSuperior resistance to freeze thaw cycles and scaling.
  • ƒƒImproves workability.
  • ƒƒReduces bleeding.
  • Reduces size and number of capillary channels; increasing impermeability.
  • ƒƒIncreased compressive strength in lean mixes.
  • ƒƒSubstantially increased durability.
  • ƒƒIncreases moisture retention for cement hydration.
  • ƒƒSuperior air void system.