Air entraining admixtures are recognized as the most effective prevention against concrete scaling in exposed environments.

What are their advantages?

  • Air entrained concrete delivers particular benefits in the form of increased concrete durability. This is important in colder climates where frost and freeze-thaw cycles can cause scaling and damage to the concrete surface.
  • Air entraining agents help to prevent scaling by creating microscopic air voids that water trapped in the concrete can expand into when the concrete freezes, thus preventing cracks caused by the natural expansion. Entrained air voids in the concrete will also increase durability in harsh environments where concrete is exposed to de-icing salts, marine salts and sulfates
  • Workability and placeability are also improved by the lubricating action of the microscopic bubbles in the concrete. Concrete will flow better, and bleeding and shrinkage will be reduced because less water is needed to obtain the desired workability.