Sika® PerFin-305


Sika® PerFin-305 is a concrete admixture formulated to enhance finished concrete surfaces and/or reduce the air content of concrete. Sika® PerFin-305 meets the requirements of ASTM C494/AASHTO M 194, Type S.

Sika® PerFin-305 is formulated to provide a concrete surface free of open pores and other surface defects. Sika® PerFin-305 also provides:
  • Improved aesthetics and uniformity of concrete,
  • Improved concrete durability,
  • Reduced risk of concrete rejection due to surface quality related issues,
  • Reduced labor required for surface patching.
Sika® PerFin-305 can also be used for the purpose of reducing the total air content of concrete. In non-air entrained concrete mixes, Sika® PerFin-305
can be added to minimize undesired air content. In air entrained concrete mixes, Sika® PerFin-305 canbe used two ways. It can be used to reduce the total air content to meet the project requirements or it can be used prior to the addition of a standard air entraining
admixture. When used in air entrained concrete mixes, it is recommended to perform trial evaluations to verify the quality of the air-void system and to ensure the concrete meets the plastic and hardened project requirements.
Sika® PerFin-305 does not contain intentionally added chlorides.