Sika® PerFin-305


Sika® PerFin-305 is a liquid, non-chloride-based concrete admixture used to improve finished concrete surfaces. Sika® PerFin-305 reduces surface defects of the concrete surface.

When used in concrete mixes, Sika® PerFin-305 significantly improves the quality of concrete surfaces by reducing the amount of pinholes, open pores and other surface defects. Sika® PerFin-305 provides the following advantages:
  • Concrete with minimum surface defects
  • Improved concrete durability
  • Improved aesthetics and uniformity of concrete surfaces
  • Improved concrete smoothness
  • Reduced risk of rejection due to surface quality related issues
  • Reduced labor needed for surface patching
  • May be used in reinforced and prestressed concrete
  • Does not promote the corrosion of steel reinforcement