Sikalastic®-391 N

Sikalastic®-391 N is a 100 % solids, polyurethane binder used to protect Sikalastic®-390 Membrane and to provide durable anti-skid surface properties by broadcasting oven-dried, silica sand into the binder.

  • New and improved formula forming a hard, yet flexible film bringing an improved aggregate retention and better durability.
  • Easy to apply for an economical application.
  • Higher abrasion resistance for an improved service life.
  • Solvent free helping to maintain a safer working environment and reducing the amount of emitted odour.
  • Easy to clean and maintain helping to keep a nice finish over the service life of the wear course.
  • Pre-measured packaging facilitating mixing process and reducing risk of using wrong mixing ratio.
  • Compliant with CAN/CSA-S413-14 (ASTM C957) for Parking Structures.
  • Conformity with LEED® v4 MRc 2 (Option 1): Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations
Sikalastic®-391 N