SikaFiber® Force-950 48 mm

SikaFiber® Force-950 is a blend of polypropylene/polyethylene high performance macro monofilament fibres with 100% virgin polypropylene micro synthetic fibres. SikaFiber® Force-950 is designed to provide a high performing reinforcement system for concrete. SikaFiber® Force-950 is specifically engineered and manufactured to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, increase fatigue resistance, improve
concrete toughness and improve impact strength.

  • Provides multi-dimensional reinforcement;
  • Reduces and/or replaces non-structural steel reinforcement, such as welded wire reinforcement and light rebar;
  • Improves concrete toughness, fatigue-resistance and long-term durability;
  • Increases impact-, shatter- and abrasion-resistance of concrete;
  • Reduces segregation, plastic settlement and plastic and hardened shrinkage cracking;
  • Saves time and money when compared to alternate reinforcing systems;
  • Easy to use and work with.