For more than a century, Sika has been involved in the most challenging mining projects around the globe. Looking back and profiting from this wealth of experience, best underground practices are implemented in many regions, bringing Sika construction excellence to the far corners of the globe. Today, Sika supplies mining solutions for the largest and technically most complex mining projects, everywhere in the world.

Our Sika® and King® branded technologies contribute to efficient mine construction under a variety of conditions. Sika Canada's STM group offers a full product range for your mining needs.

Sika Tunneling and Mining

Sika's Products for Efficient and Rapid Mine Development

1. Concrete Solutions for Mining

Reliable and Durable Concrete – Key to Any Mining Project

Sika offers a fully integrated product range when it comes to concrete solutions for mining projects. For decades, Sika is involved on the most challenging and largest mining projects on the globe. We offer the products that solve nearly every concrete challenge.

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Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100

Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100


Water Reduction: Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 can be dosed in small amounts to obtain water reduction from 10−15 % and will achieve water reduction up to 45 % at high dosage rates. Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 is suitable for all levels of water reduction. High Plasticity: The superplasticizing action of Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 provides high-slump, flowing concrete that maintains excellent workability and may be placed with minimal vibration even at very low water cement ratio’s as low as 0.25.
Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 plasticized concrete is highly fluid while maintaining complete cohesion within the concrete matrix to eliminate excessive bleeding or segregation.  
Extended Slump Life and Set Control: Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 has been formulated to provide controlled and predictable extended slump life for periods of 60 to 90 minutes with normal set times.  
The combined high range water reduction and superplasticizing action of Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 provide the following benefits in hardened concrete:   
  • Higher ultimate strengths allow for greater engineering design flexibility and structural economies
  • Reduced water cement ratios produce more durable, dense concrete with reduced permeability
  • Highly effective plasticizer reduces surface defects in concrete elements and improves aesthetic appearance
Sika® ViscoCrete®-2100 has been formulated to provide maximum water reduction and extended slump retention at low dosages.
Learn How to Optimize Your Mix
Concrete for All Applications

With more than 100 years experience in concrete technology, we are in position to support you for every concrete application at your mine.

  • Pre-packaged concrete mixes
  • High capacity continuous Concrete mixer, CCM 200 E
  • Self compacting concrete 
  • Set retarders for long transportation routes
  • Accelerators for rapid mine development
  • Specialized slick line concrete
  • High strength concrete for  foundation slabs, runways  and haulage roads
  • Rheology modifiers for easy concrete pumping
Optimize Your Mix

Sika is the go-to brand for cost optimizing your concrete mix. 

  • High range water reducers and slump keeping admixtures 
  • Tailored solutions for the specific needs in mining
Remote Mining Projects

Unique and proven Sika solutions for remote mining projects including products designed for on site production to facilitate logistics and avoid shelf-life issues.

  • Powder shotcrete accelerators for on site blending
  • Powder concrete mixes
  • Sika Fiber® technology in order to reduce steel reinforcing of concrete structures
Sika admixtures used for production of shotcrete

2. Shotcrete and Equipment

Speed Up Cycle Times with Sika Shotcrete Technology

In cycle shotcreting is key for rapid mine development and fast cycle times in mines around the globe. We offer fully integrated custom solutions for wet and dry shotcrete. In addition we offer an integrated range of shotcrete equipment for all applications.

Pre-packaged Shotcrete mixes

With its 35 years of proven track record, the King® brand has been a force in the canadian mining industry. 

  • Custom pre-mixed dry or wet shotcrete products
  • Solutions to work safely in the harshest conditions
  • Products developed specifically for permafrost applications 
  • Logistics for remote mining operations
Sika Sigunit® Technology 

For many years, the Sika Sigunit® shotcrete accelerators fortify underground structures across the globe. Dedicated to delivery high early strength shotcrete and adjusted to the specific cements in use, Sika is in position to help speed up your mine cycle times and to facilitate the shotcrete handling significantly.

Yielding Underground Support with Fibre Technology

Yielding primary shotcrete liners have become the standard underground support in many mines around the globe. Increased stress levels in deeper mines require a yielding support in order to take up dynamic loads and seismic shocks from the rock mass. We offer two solutions for fibre reinforcement: 

1. Fibres can be added to your shotcrete King branded product upon request, providing a custom mix ready for use.  

2. Fibres can be purchased separately and added on site to your mix. 

Onsite Support

We work closely with our partners and offer in depth on-site support to bring the application and quality testing of the shotcrete operation to the next level. 

stm application
Reliable Equipment Dedicated to the Mining Industry

Sika Aliva® is the Sika equipment manufacturer for Shotcrete equipment of all sizes. Specialized in high quality, compact rotary machines, the spray units are ideal for shaft sinking, in cycle shotcreting of smaller drift diameters and rehabilitation and refurbishment works. The equipment is designed for a modular build-up to serve each customer's specific needs.

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Sika Aliva® Longlasting Quality

Sika Aliva® shotcrete equipment is used in mines all over the globe. From the deep Canadian cut and fill operations to narrow epithermal shrinkage operations in Mexico and Asia, Aliva equipment is reliable wherever and whenever you need it. The equipment is especially designed for operations where access is difficult and  small, equipment is of use due to smaller drift diameters. The equipment can be used for dry and wet spraying.

Assembled According to Your Needs

Due to the modular set-up of the Aliva spray systems, the spray rigs can be customized according your needs. The «carrier independent system» or «CIS» allows to combine the different modules based on the needed output volume, the carrier of choice and the accessibility of the sprayed areas.  

Sika Aliva machine spraying concrete shotcrete

3. Mine Paste Backfill Admixtures

Admixtures to Optimize Paste Backfill Operations

Sika offers a wide range of mine paste backfill admixtures that can be dosed directly into the wetted out mix of the paste plant.  The admixtures act as a high range water reducer and therefore provide the opportunity to significantly reduce the cement consumption of the paste operation. Sika is in position to provide extensive on site support and to support you with the right paste backfill design.

Learn How to Optimize Your Mix
Optimize Your Mix

Sika applies similar principles that we use in concrete also for mine paste backfill plants worldwide using our chemical toolbox that has been refined over the past decades. We can help you to achieve the following with your backfill paste:

  • Reduce binder consumption
  • Improve compressive strength
  • Reduce bleeding
  • Facilitate paste pumping
  • Reduce wear and tear of machinery and paste lines
  • Speed up mine and fill cycle time
Customized Solutions

Every mine paste is different in terms of its granulometry, the chemical composition and the binder types used. Sika is experienced in analysing the different pastes in order to find the admixtures that will suit your paste best. By doing so,  we are in position to deliver the competitive edge when it comes to cost reduction and mix optimization.

Onsite Support

With our presence in more than 90 countries we are in position to give you  dedicated and efficient on site support to optimize your paste fill operation. Specialized teams in all world regions will give you the support you need to improve the cost performance of the paste backfill mix.

Paste mix design with mine backfilling admixtures

4. Grouts and Injection

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King® Grouts 

Whether your work consist of cable bolting, earth tie-backs for soil stabilization, grouting anchors or re-bar grouting, Sika has the grout suited to your mining application.

Sikafix® Injection Range

The Sika two component injection resins are dedicated to stop water and to consolidate challenging rock conditions underground. The products are applied using two component piston pumps of different sizes and auxiliary equipment such as packers, and lances. The PU resins can be accelerated based on the reaction time needed to counter the water ingress and to avoid washouts.

Onsite Support

Successful pre and post grouting of underground structures warrant good preparation and assessment of the specific situation on the job-site. Dedicated and specialized Sika teams help you to achieve your goals and to train your teams when using the injection resins and auxiliary equipment. We also offer customer trainings that take place frequently.

mine grout

5. Conveyor Belt Products

Repair Your Belts – Easy and Fast

Sika is a global leader when it comes to specialized adhesives for industrial applications. Over the past years, we developed high performing products dedicated for the global mining and materials processing industry to repair conveyor belts in an easy and efficient way. Two products are available, one for the reparation of rubber substrates and the other for structural rubber-rubber or rubber-steel bonding.  

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SikaBond® R&B-100

Conveyor belt repair made easy: This fast curing, high performance elastomer is designed for fast and clean repair of the rubber substrate of conveyor belts and industrial rubber elements. The product is available as a ready to be used repair kit that can be applied right in the field. The product is in use in many mines, and quarries and has been proven in the most challenging mining conditions.

SikaBond® R&B-200/210

SikaBond® R&B-200/210 are adhesive for rubber to rubber or rubber to steel bonding. These unique products offer unbeatable adhesion to different rubber substrates and is designed for repair on rubber conveyor belts that are textile or steel reinforced. The products come as a handy, two-component cartridge that is applied using a two component application gun (either manual or pneumatic). Besides the astonishing bonding properties, the product cures very fast and allows fast recommissioning of the conveyor belt once repaired.

Repairing conveyor belt with SikaBond structural adhesive

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