VitrXpert selects SikaTack® ELITE for PowerCure to launch the Total Security customer experience, a new and unique standard of quality and safety to the auto glass replacement industry in Eastern Canada.

SikaTack® ELITE for PowerCure is the system of choice for VitrXpert’s glass replacement service because it improves the overall performance and efficiency of their glass service offer. The selection of this new technology was motivated by the synergy that links all three VitrXpert Group competitive criteria’s: Safety, High Quality and Flexibility that matches Sika’s four core drivers for success; Innovation, Safety, Performance and Ease of Use.

VitrXpert group immediately identified a strategic opportunity by adding this best-in-class solution to its services portfolio. The SikaTack® Elite for PowerCure is the right solution for VitrXpert’s dedication to align their installation protocols and methods with car manufacturer OE requirements.

VitrXpert already established network of professionals acknowledges and supports state-of-the-art best practices, equipment and tools. The unique combination of performance and safety provided by SikaTack® Elite enables a windshield installation to be fully cured to OEM standards after only 60 minutes. This is the system of choice when it comes to quality and safe windshield replacement for passenger cars and is a direct contributor to a precise ADAS recalibration.

Sika’s engagement in offering the best performing solutions and VitrXpert commitment to deliver the Total Security to their customers increases the security of all passenger vehicles after a glass replacement to be back to their original conditions in the shortest delays

Safety Matters

When a windshield gets replaced, a component critical to the occupants’ safety, and the vehicle's integrity is affected. These days, the windshield is structurally bonded to the vehicle body, increasing cabin stiffness and crash safety. The use of the wrong product and improper workmanship has resulted in fatal accidents. Sika strives to provide best-in-class innovative solutions and technician training to ensure the integrity of the vehicle and  safety of its occupants.  This has been one of the driving forces making Sika the leading brand for windshield adhesives globally.

car durability

Windshield and adhesive prevent you from ejection

car durability

Windshield and adhesive prevent you from ejection

car durability

Windshield and adhesive prevent you from ejection

At Sika, we take safety seriously and continuously work on better and even more reliable solutions. This has been one of the driving forces making Sika the leading brand for windshield adhesives globally.

Stiff as New – Only with SikaTack® ELITE

Today, cars can be driven just 30 minutes after the installation of a new glass. Auto Glass Adhesives typically meet the FMVSS 212 crash test standard, which defines the vehicle's minimal requirements to be safe to be driven. However, regular single component adhesives may need up to 7 days until they reach the original vehicle conditions. During this time, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle is compromised.

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SikaTack® ELITE for PowerCure is different!

About VitrXpert

The VitrXpert Auto Glass network is a glass replacement service banner that was created in 2008 by founder and current CEO Pierre Levesque. With over 66 active service locations across Eastern Canada, the company made the decision in 2016 to redefine their corporate identity to reinforce the market position. VitrXpert wanted to be recognized as the auto glass replacement (AGR) service network offering the safest, best performing and high-quality standards solutions to their customers following a flexible and customized service offer approach.

Led by a strong entrepreneur with a broad experience in the local automotive service industry, the leadership and the visionary approach of Pierre Levesque with his team successfully navigates through this transition. In four years, the VitrXpert franchise network quickly went from 66 to 148 service locations in 2020. VitrXpert found his success in launching a flexible business model pairing with successful, healthy and already operating automotive related businesses like OE car dealerships, car body repair/collision centers and mechanical service outlets

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