Sikacrete®-950 DP

Sikacrete®-950 DP is a densified dry powder microsilica admixture for Portland cement based concrete and mortars. It is a pozzolanic material that chemically reacts with the free lime Ca (OH) in the cement paste and results in the formation of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) gel, the binder that holds together the constituents and fills voids in concrete concrete.

  • Produces concrete with considerably increased compressive and flexural strengths.
  • Allows greater design flexibility and structural design economies.
  • Reduced permeability to increase the service life of the concrete.
  • Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance increases concrete durability in hightraffic areas.
  • Resistance to sulphate and chloride water-borne chloride and de-icing salt generated corrosion.
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance due to filling of voids and capillaries.
  • Does not contain calcium chloride nor any other intentionally added chloride containing ingredients.