SikaFuko® Smart

Re-injectable hose for sealing construction joints

SikaFuko® Smart is a re-injectable hose for sealing various construction and connection joints in watertight concrete structures. To seal the joint, SikaFuko® Smart is injected with suitable Sika® Injection materials, such as acrylate and micro-fine cement suspensions (for multiple injections) or polyurethane and epoxy resins (for single injection). The hose can be re-injected multiple times if necessary.

  • Multiple re-injections with Sika® Injection acrylate resins or microfine cement suspensions
  • One-time injectable with Sika® Injection polyurethane and epoxy resins
  • Easy, fast and safe installation, without glue and without heat-gun
  • Can be welded directly to PVC-Sika Waterbar®