Founded in Switzerland over 100 years ago, Sika has developed into a successful global company with a leading position in the development and production of adhesive, sealing, acoustic, protective and reinforcing systems and products.

Sika Industry, one out of seven target markets of Sika, delivers innovative solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers in automotive OEM, commercial vehicles, automotive aftermarket, marine vessels, renewable energy, sandwich panels, industrial equipment, HVAC, home and commercial appliances, modular building, facades and fenestration.  

A key factor in the success of Sika is its strategic focus on clearly defined core competencies. Our development and technical service teams draw from a broad portfolio of technologies in order to offer the most innovative solutions within each competency, namely: bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting.

Core Competencies

Bonding joins materials with durability, strength, flexibility and toughness. Our expertise in joining composites, glass, metals and plastics opens possibilities to incorporate a broad range of materials into new designs. Sika bonding adhesive technologies increase the safety and endurance of end products, enable greater design freedom and offer higher process efficiency.
Damping reduces vibrations of all wavelengths in fixed and moving objects resulting in lower reverberation and noise emissions. Sika baffle or pads products are designed for a wide range of both structure and airborne damping treatments. Noise inside vehicles – whether in a car, a truck, or a cruise ship – is silenced, thereby significantly increasing comfort.
Protecting increases the durability of structures and preserves the materials of new and renovated objects. Sika solutions guarantee sustained protection for all types of materials against climatic conditions, chemical influence, pollution and fire.
Sealing ensures insulation from the elements. Sika sealants are designed to withstand the most demanding environments with enduring flexibility. From facade elements to exterior joints on marine vessels, Sika sealants provide long-lasting barriers to wind, rain, sun and chemicals.
Reinforcing bolsters the carrying capacity of statically- or dynamically-stressed load-bearing structures in a targeted manner, from crash-resistant vehicle bodies to lightweight window frames. Sika reinforcing solutions place the strength where you need it, permitting optimal design and use of materials.

Sika Industry Markets

The markets served by Sika include automobile and commercial vehicle assembly (structural bonding, direct glazing, acoustic systems, reinforcing systems), automotive aftermarket (auto glass replacement, car body repair), marine vessels, industrial lamination, renewable energies (solar and wind), and facade engineering (structural glazing, sealing of insulating glass units).

Sika is a technology leader in elastic bonding, structural adhesives, sealants, reinforcing, and acoustic applications – serving the world’s leading industrial manufacturers.

Customers rely on Sika solutions to enhance product performance and durability while optimizing manufacturing efficiency. For example, Sika’s solutions address key megatrends in vehicle design, leading to lighter, stronger, safer, quieter, and more efficient vehicles, while fast-processing materials and compatibility with automation optimize productivity.

The core of the Industry business is innovation management and focus on developing quality products and the best solutions for customers. A big part of Sika Industry’s success and reputation is based on its long lasting tradition of innovation.  

Markets we Serve