Sikalastic®-320 SG

Sikalastic®-320  is  a  single-component,  liquid-applied,  bitumen-modified,  coal  tar  free,  moisture-cured  polyurethane waterproofing  membrane.  The  membrane  is  available  in  three  different  consistencies:  Non-sag  (NS)  for  vertical applications, self-levelling (SL) for horizontal applications and sprayable grade (SG).

  • Easy application
  • May be applied on green concrete
  • Alkali resistant
  • Quick re-coat time
  • Applicable up to 120 mils in one coat with water catalyst
  • Ability to catalyze with water
  • Faster cure rate
  • Reduced chance of pinhole from concrete out-gassing
  • Application at any thickness horizontally
  • Solvent-free (NS and SL versions)
  • Sprayable (SG version)