The First Powder-Based 1-Component Acrylate Waterproofing Injection Resin in the Market

Sika® Injection-310 US is a 1-component, powder-based polyacrylic injection resin for use in waterproofing repair. The all in one, ready to use powder, only requires mixing with water. After the addition of water, the chemical reaction is activated producing a very low viscosity resin which cures to form a tough-elastic gel.


Injection for waterproofing leaking cracks 3d rendering
Leaking Crack/Penetrations Dry and/or containing water
Injection for waterproofing leaking expansion joint 3d rendering
Leaking Expansion Joints (movement) & Construction Joints
Injection for waterproofing leaking sheet membrane 3d rendering
Leaking Membrane Compartment Systems
Injection for waterproofing leaking walls and kicker areas 3d rendering
Leaking Wall/Kicker Areas

Preparation & Application

1. Pour 7,5 L of Water
Preparation_Sika Injection_310_step1_water
4. Mix for 3 min 900 rpm
Preparation_Sika Injection_310_step4_mixing
2. Open Bag
Preparation_Sika Injection 310_step2
5. Fill Pump
Preparation_Sika Injection_310_step5
3. Add Powder
Preparation of Sika Injection 310_step3
6. Connect & Go!
Preparation_Sika Injection_310_step6_application

Application in Vancouver

Application_Sika Injection 310

Cap sealing of some wider visible cracks was completed prior to contain Sika® Injection-310 and aid in resin penetration 

Application_Sika Injection 310

Initial stages of injection showing signs of resin travel into hairline cracks

Application_Sika Injection 310

Hairline cracks barely visible to the eye were easily penetrated and sealed by Sika® Injection-310 due to its ultra low viscosity.

Sika® Injection-310 was selected for use instead of a polyurethane injection grout due to the project requirements for “sealing” hairline cracks in and construction joints. The ultra low viscosity, easy to use Sika Injection 310 proved successful in this application