Resin-bonded liquid waterproofing membranes are an indispensable technology in today's waterproofing and roofing industry. Thanks to their mechanical properties and their high flexibility, especially at low temperatures, as well as their ability to cure in variable conditions, liquid resin membranes can also be used in extreme climatic environments.

Where should be used?

Liquid applied membrane on roof

Applications include Between Slabs, Plazas and Pavers, Planters, Foundation Walls, Bridges and Tunnels, Tank Liner, Pond Liner, Cooling Tower liner, Potable Water Containment, Reservoirs, Traffic system base coat over asphalt surface. An economical and easy to apply system, which can be applied horizontally and vertically.

The systems are compatible with Sika sealants and mortars - reinforcing and complimenting Sika’s trusted repair and protection solutions.

What are their advantages?

  • Application flexibility
  • Time saving
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Consistent performance in energy efficiency
  • Freedom of design thanks to the many possible applications