SikaProof®, a fully-bonded TPO membrane system offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency, typically used for basements.

Where should it be used?

Typical projects are: Residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial and leisure facilities, engineered structures such as retaining walls, tunnel shafts, cut and cover tunnels.

What are the advantages? 

  • No lateral water migration
  • Limiting the water ingress / leakage of the basement
  • Can be easily and efficiently repaired by using local resin injections

What are the benefits?

  • High reliability and system safety
  • Reduction of time and cost in remedial work

WT protection sheet/felt and thermal insulation boards

SikaProof® P-1201, post-applied membrane

Sikadur Combiflex® SG System

Sika® Hydrotite® joint waterproofing profiles

SikaFuko® VT injection hose

Sika® Greenstreak® Waterstop joint waterproofing

SikaProof® detailing solutions, e.g. for pile caps

SikaProof® A, pre-applied membrane