Sika provides an extensive range of injection resins for all types of leak sealing applications in concrete, masonry, and natural stone structures. These can be used at any time, including during the initial construction works, or later to extend the service life during any subsequent refurbishment, according to the specific project’s requirements.

Sika injection systems can not only close, flexibly bridge, seal and make leaking structures watertight for the long term, some can also be used to increase or restore structural integrity and load-bearing capacity, thereby providing complete and durable maintenance solutions.

Discover our New Product: Sika® Injection-310 (US)


Sika® Injection-310 US is a 1-component, powder-based polyacrylic injection resin for use in waterproofing repair. The all in one, ready to use powder, only requires mixing with water. After the addition of water, the chemical reaction is activated producing a very low viscosity resin which cures to form a tough-elastic gel. 

Sika Injection 310

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