Sikadur-Combiflex® SG System

Sikadur® Combiflex SG System is an internationally proven and superior-performance sealing system for wide, irregular, high movement and difficult-to-seal joints and cracks. The Sikadur® Combiflex SG System consists of a modified flexible Polyolefin (FPO) waterproofing tape with advanced adhesion using Sikadur®-31 Hi-Mod GelCA, or Sikadur®-30. When fixed across the joint, the tape allows considerable movement in more than one direction, while maintaining a high-quality seal.

  • Advanced adhesion, no activation of tape required.
  • Durable, economic and cost effective solution.
  • Can restore failed joints without removing defective sealant.
  • Contractor has advantages of always working on surface of substrate.
  • Exceptional adhesion on virtually all common building materials; unmatched compatibility of tape and adhesive.
  • Can even be applied on damp surfaces; Sikadur®-30 and Sikadur®-31 Hi-Mod GelCA are moisture-tolerant.
  • Extended open time of Sikadur®-30 allows for ease of installation; fast-setting values of Sikadur®-31 Hi-Mod GelCA ensures quick turn-around.
  • Waterproof, weather-, chemical- and root-resistant.
  • Withstands UV light.
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 approved for potable water (special order, ANSI/NSF grade Sikadur® Combiflex SG & Sikadur®-31 Hi-Mod GelCA only).
  • Product qualified by The Road Authority (TRA).