SikaFix® HH+

SikaFix® HH+ is a one-component, low viscosity, high solids, hydrophobic (water-reacted) polyurethane injection grout. It will stop flowing water and displace it from cracks and voids, replacing the water with a flexible and closed cell foam. SikaFix® HH+ is used with SikaFix® HH Accelerator to halt the passage of water through joints or defects in concrete and masonry and provide an effective seal.

  • ƒƒ Easy to use, one component with simple dosage accelerator.
  • Hydrophobic; only a small amount of water is needed for reaction.
  • Expands up to 30 times the liquid volume.
  • Use of accelerator permits work against flow of water and at lower temperatures.
  • Contains no volatile solvents.