RS-S10 is a high performance, very rapid hardening, polymer-modifi ed, pre-packaged concrete material. It is a pre-blended, pre-packaged, high performance, cementitious, concrete repair and construction material powered by Rapid Set® technology, containing a redispersible polymer, 10 mm (3/8 inch) stone and other carefully selected components.

  • Very high early strength for reduced construction schedule
  • Properties similar to conventional concrete, thus off ering excellent compatibility to parent concrete
  • Ideal for full depth repair, does not need to be extended
  • Designed with natural normal-density non-reactive fine and coarse aggregates to eliminate potential alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR)
  • Membrane application possible in only 8 hours after placement*
  • Compatible with integral, pre-applied and/or post-applied corrosion inhibitors
  • All KING products are manufactured using ISO 9001:2015 Certified Processes